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Tewhau is an accommodation providing company that has been rendering services to its loyal clientele for several years now without giving a chance for them to complain.

Company employees

The company employees a considerable number of employees who is always present to serve its customers to the best of their abilities. The company has a history of solving the customers’ problems as quickly as possible. The customers have remained happy with our service and that’s how we meet one of our most important visions which is to satisfy our customers and serve them with whatever they need.

Services we offer

Tewhau offers a huge portfolio of services allowing customers to be tension free after they have contacted us as no matter what they require, we are there to provide them with the accommodation service. Some of the most highlighted and important services that we offer are as follows:
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Brokerage: new houses

We act as a broker helping you to buy a new house or selling your existing one. You can just let us know your requirements such as rooms needed, space needed, area preference, parking space

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our prices

so on and we will make sure to find a suitable place for your family to live in. our prices are very reasonable and you should not have to worry about being ripped off.

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Rented house

You can also count on us if you just need a house on rent temporarily. We have several places under our offerings to offer you as a place where you can live on rent. No matter what your requirement is of size, area and so on; we have all kinds of places with us especially for you.

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How To Make The Most Of a Weekend Getaway With Your Family

All individuals have the need of the family since they are fragmented without the family. Thus, family satisfies all necessities of our life. In this busy routine one should always plan to spend most of the time with family and plan a happy perth weekend getaways packages. The family get-away, is one of only a handful open doors where everybody in the family is enjoying without the draw of outside responsibilities. Following are some tips which one can follow to get an amazing weekend

Plan To Travel Together

Voyaging is for sure probably the most ideal approach to bond together and make recollections forever. It allows you to investigate nature around as well as to find yourself too. It is an extraordinary encounter for an individual and allows one to take a gander at life in an unexpected way. You meet new individuals, run over new societies and find new insider facts that you have never known. Going with family can be even more fun as it permits you to remove some time from our bustling timetables and loosen up together while you appreciate the magnificence of nature.

Say No To Gadgets When Together

Today we all can’t envision our lives without our cell phones. We in fact live on it. We all are blameworthy for investing an excessive amount of energy gazing at the screens of our cell phones, tablets or other electronic contraptions. We consider them as an opportunity to connect with the external world however put forth an attempt to associate with your family on your excursions. Hobnob, share your encounters, tell wisecracks, and live every second without limit. Not exclusively will you feel a lot of revived-ness subsequent to loosening up with your friends and family, yet you will likewise feel energized. Along these lines, accept our recommendation and fend those devices off while you are traveling and rather appreciate the second with your friends and family.

Live Every Moment

Quit pondering the past and stressing over the future while you are with your family. Live in the present as it is the only thing that is important. Like the excellence of nature around and let your faculties appreciate the tranquil air. Begin living at the time and be energetic about the experience that lies ahead. Go for a stroll along the seashore, camp under the stars, play with the day off, the rain and be thankful for getting an opportunity to detect nature in the entirety of its magnificence.

Ask For Your Child’s Choice

Planning is incredible; yet don’t let it rule the day. Probably the greatest misstep guardians make an extended get-away is attempting to push through exercises and plans as arranged instead of following the lead of their youngsters. In the event that your kids appear to be worn out, ravenous or like they’ve had a sufficient specific movement, give up, and deal with the issue. When going with kids, recollect that regardless of the amount you might need to complete a specific action, they will most likely be unable to deal with more incitement, or basically need to refuel. Upbeat children equivalent cheerful guardians an extended get-away. By remembering this, you will have the option to make the most out of the outing.

Getting Around in Auckland

Auckland has an excellent public transport system , consisting of buses, trains and ferries. The widespread bus network is the most used way to move around central areas, thanks to the presence of tourist lines that stop next to the most interesting places, while trains do not serve all the districts and there are not many stops around the city. ,

so it can only be useful if you have accommodation near a station. Most of the inhabitants travel by car , and driving in Auckland is a very pleasant experience, as long as you use the car only outside the center, not so much for the traffic but more for the difficulty of finding parking: Especially in the summer season, cycling is a great way to explore the center and the suburbs in total freedom, without depending on public transport.

If you are about to leave for Auckland, here is a useful guide on how to get there and get around the city.

From the airport to the center
Auckland Airport is located approximately 25km south of the city center and from here, in addition to car rental, you have various alternatives to reach the city.

Airbus . This express shuttle is the most convenient way to reach the center, also taking into account that it offers a 24-hour service, with departures every 10-15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes at night. It reaches the center of Auckland passing along Queen Street, with various stops along the way which takes approximately 40 minutes in total. Tickets can be purchased either from the automatic machines or from the driver.

Bus + train . Bus line 380 connects the airport to Papatoetoe train station in 20 minutes, with daily departures Unless your accommodation is next to the station, I do not recommend this option as it is more inconvenient and long Taxi .

Taxis are undoubtedly the most comfortable way, especially if you are in a hurry to reach your destination or if you travel with a lot of luggage. Of course it is the most expensive way, considering that the price varies from 50 to 100 dollars with the taximeter, more or less the same rates as for car rental.

Where to sleep in Auckland

Auckland is made up of several towns that have been unified forming a vast urban area and although the landscape may at first glance seem similar, digging under the surface reveals different souls and atmospheres, with beautiful exclusive neighborhoods full of shopping centers, areas to enter in contact with the history and Maori roots of Auckland and young and alternative places to have fun even in the evening.

With the exception of downtown CBD, where skyscrapers and taller buildings dominate, the rest of the city is characterized by low-rise buildings, broad tree-lined avenues, parks and beautiful harbor areas. When choosing the neighborhood, it is good first of all to consider public transportIn fact, in Auckland the main means of transport is the bus while the train has a more limited network and some districts are better served than others, so it is important to opt for an area that offers excellent connections.

To help you choose the best area for your holidays, here is a guide to the neighborhoods to stay in Auckland.

Central Business District
The CBD is Auckland’s central district and its main financial and commercial center. Staying here you will not need to rent a car or even use public transport to move between the attractions because the size of this area is quite compact. such as the Sky Tower with its observatory from which to admire a 360 ° view over the city, the history and art museums where you can discover the culture and the past of Auckland and the lively Viaduct harbor area Harbor , formerly housed the America’s Cup Village and now an elegant area, overlooked by luxury condominiums and hotels, along with live music venues and restaurants. From here you can set sail on one of the many boats that organize tourist cruises .

The CBD boasts the highest concentration of accommodations, offering accommodations of various types , from hostels to more expensive posh properties. The center is also the area where the multicultural face of Auckland emerges, visible above all in the areas around the Britomart station and Vulcan Lane, which are teeming with elegant shops and boutiques of local and international designers next to restaurants with ethnic flavors .

In addition to having a lively atmosphere during the day, the CBD is also quite lively at night , thanks to a wide selection of clubs, discos, pubs and restaurants.

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